Bunnies are becoming increasingly popular pets. Contrary to what many people believe, rabbits require just as much, and possibly even more, attention and care than dogs and cats. Being prey animals, rabbits tend to hide their illnesses very well and it can be difficult to tell if they are unwell until it is too late.

Just like how dogs and cats should have an annual health check and blood test once they have reached middle age, our small fluffy companions should not be forgotten too. We recommend annual blood work for bunnies above the age of 5 years old (or earlier if they have a medical history) and physical health checks for all bunnies above the age of 1 year old.  It is necessary to do a physical check to rule out early stage dental issues (mild spurring/elongation of teeth) and to ensure your bunny is getting the proper diet and care. 

Dr Mops (chashmere lop) Dr Pipsquek (guinea pig) and Dr Song

Dr Mops (chashmere lop) Dr Pipsquek (guinea pig) and Dr Song

So for the month of April, we would like to offer ALL our bunny friends:

  • general health checks (physical examination including teeth check) [UP.$38, bunny month $30.40]

  • biochemistry blood test (blood test to check liver, kidneys, diabetes, protein/nutrition levels) [UP$68, bunny month $46.55]

  • basic dental fee (basic filing/burring of elongated cheek teeth only) [UP$107,bunny month $85.60]

  • urinanalysis (dipstick, USG and microscope test to check for crystals) [UP$56.06, bunny month $44.84]

  • xrays [2view xray UP$75, bunny month $52.50]

  • basic abdominal ultrasound scan [UP$85.60, bunny month $59.92]

  • FREE fur mite/ear mite/flea check

This promotion is applicable for new and existing clients and is not limited to just 1 bunny per client. So don't wait any longer and book your appointment for your whole herd today!



T&C: Strictly for the month of April only. Additional drugs, tests, services not included in this promotion. Ultrasound scan results may vary due to anatomy of rabbits. Management reserves the right to change the above terms at any time.