Living in sunny Singapore can be great like any other tropical paradise. But to our furry friends, this heat and humidity often gets the better of them .

Left ignored, skin problems can cause our poor pets to scratch incessantly, flare up with volcanoes of pus-filled pimples and red angry boils, develop dandruff and that horrid yeasty stench! 

Some common symptoms for skin and ear issues may include:

  1. scratching/chewing excessively

  2. dandruff/flaky skin

  3. bumps/pimples/scabs

  4. fur loss/alopecia

  5. greasy skin and strong odor

  6. head shaking/scratching of ears

Infected ear with strictured ear canal and purulent aural discharge

Infected ear with strictured ear canal and purulent aural discharge

As with people, dermatology cases can be tedious and tricky and we should always rule our infectious (bacterial, fungal), parasitic (ticks, fleas, mites), systemic (hormonal, immune mediated) causes before we can narrow our diagnosis to allergies or behavioural problems. Like with any other disease, in order to get a proper diagnosis, one should not jump the gun!

In this month of July, we are offering all our patients a variety of tests which will help diagnose and control those pesky skin and ear issues at a special rate

  • fur pluck test (trichogram) - to check for fur mites

  • skin scrape test - to check for scabies/demodex mites

  • ear swab cytology- to check for ear infections

  • ear mite swab check - to check for ear mites

  • skin tape prep- to check for surface bacterial and fungal growth

  • culture and sensitivity test- to grow bacterial and fungal samples and check which antibiotics are suitable for the current infection

  • blood allergy test by Spectrum- to test against 90 different allergens, environmental and food

  • thyroid hormone blood test- to check for hypothyroidism

  • cortisol hormone blood test- to check for Cushing's

  • ultrasound of adrenal glands- to check for Cushing's

  • flea and tick prevention (Bravecto, Revolution, Frontline, Certifect, Advocate, Advantix)

Please note that not ALL of the above tests may be required for your pet. 

These July perks are applicable for all species (dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles).