Ever notice how your furry friend is a little stiff on cold rainy days, or how he is taking a little longer to stand up after a nap? Our pets get arthritis, pins and needles and sore, tense muscles too.

Why should they have to endure the aches and tension when you can offer them more than just pills to ease the discomfort?

 we would like to offer the following for your dog/cat/bunny:

1) FREE phyiotherapy sessions for luxating patella dogs- if you have a dog with luxating patella issues, you can apply within and if you are selected, your doggy will get 3 FREE phyio sessions with Gaya

2) 50% OFF physiotherapy sessions for all other conditions (UP.$90 for 1hour, now $45 for1hour) for dogs, cats, bunnies- perfect for post-op orthopedic patients, splay leg bunnies, arthritic and hip dysplasia patients

3)  50% OFF acupuncture sessions (UP.$45-60, now $22.50-30) - for needling +/- moxa, electrotherapy or laser. For dogs, cats, bunnies and guinea pigs. Each acupuncture session takes between 20-45min and usually require weekly visits for maintenance. 

4) 30% OFF myofunctional therapy (UP.$75 for 40-60min, now $52.50 for 40-60min)- in depth muscle tension release, stretching and pressure point therapy to improve blood circulation, reduce tightness and pain, restore normal flexibility in both muscles and joints. [Strongly recommended! Even the head vets' pooch gets pampered with a weekly session]

 NOTE: All new patients will require an initial consultation ($36-38) for assessment first. 

 Do give us call for an appointment and see the benefits for yourself!