PHYSIOTHERAPY, ACUPUNCTURe, red light and emf THERAPY month- August

Ever notice how your furry friend is a little stiff on cold rainy days, or how he is taking a little longer to stand up after a nap? Our pets get arthritis, pins and needles and sore, tense muscles too.

Why should they have to endure the aches and tension when you can offer them more than just pills to ease the discomfort?

Potential problems that could benefit include arthritis, post-op orthopedic surgeries (fractures/dislocations/cruciate repair etc), head tilt and splay leg in bunnies.

Call us to inquire more about our physiotherapy, red light therapy, electromagnetic pulse therapy (emf), acupuncture sessions!

 NOTE: All new patients will require an initial consultation ($36-38) for assessment first. 

 Do give us call for an appointment and see the benefits for yourself!