Dog and Cat Dental Month- september


Book your pet's dental in the month of September and get 30% off your dental service. 

We use top of the line veterinary IM3 dental machines and scalers to clean your pet's teeth and finish off with polishing paste (the same that we get at the dentist ourselves) for that nice shine.

The dental service includes all of the following: cracking off tartar, scaling and polishing.

1) dogs- UP. $160.50, now $112.35

2) cats- UP.$107, now $74.90

Please feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our friendly staff about our dental services.

Book your appointment today!

dog gettin teeth brushed.jpg

Does not include the following if required: pre-anaesthetic blood work, intravenous fluids, iv catheter placement, injectable drugs, extractions, take home medications, local nerve blocks, extractions, x-rays and other services. 

Sorry, bunnies and guinea pigs not included in this promotion!