Hoppy Holidays!

The clinic will be having our annual X'mas celebrations on the 9 December Sunday and we would like to inform everyone that the emergency service will not be in available.

Please do contact your closest vet should you require immediate veterinary assistance.We will resume our usual services on Monday =)

babycat and moo xmas time

Please also do take note of the following changes in our opening hours due to the holidays:

24th Sunday: CLOSED

25th Monday: CLOSED

31st Sunday: CLOSED


Welcoming Dr Geoffrey Yeo!

In November, both Dr Songs will be away on their annual family trip. During this time, Dr Ailin Tan will still we have the privilege of having Dr Geoffrey Yeo with us on the 5th and 8th November.  Dr Yeo graduated from Murdoch (Perth, Australia) and is very experienced with cats and dogs. His skills range from performing blood transfusions, chest and pericardial (heart) taps, to soft tissue surgery like foreign body removals and GDVs.

Dr Yeo with "Snowball"

Dr Yeo with "Snowball"


Old age can be hard on our senior pets too! This is why we would like to offer our VIP treatment during this month of October. 

For Senior dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs!

We will gladly offer the following to our geriatric friends:

Dogs and cats over 7years of age-

  • 15% discount on physical examination- [UP.$36, now 30.60]

  • Free blood glucose test- [UP.$10.70, now FREE]

  • 15% discount on all blood tests- [price dependent on test required]

  • 20% discount on a course of 4 arthritis injections- [price dependent on patient weight, UP.$44 and above]

  • 15% discount off acupuncture packages of 4 sessions[UP.$180-240, now $153-204]

  • 20% off x-rays and ultrasound scan [UP. $75 for 2views xray, $85.50 for ultrasound scan, now $60 and $68.40]

  • 15% discount on joint supplements 

  • Free 10min physiotherapy therapy (massage/red light laser/stretches/exercises) with single acupuncture session 


Rabbits/ guinea pigs over 5years of age-

  • 15% discount on full physical examination, includes teeth check- [UP.$38, now $32.30]

  • Free PCV (pack cell volume/blood cell) test for all biochemistry (check internal organs) test done (NOT for guinea pigs)- [UP.$10.70, now FREE]

  • 15% discount on biochemistry blood test to check internal organ function (NOT for guinea pigs)- [price dependent on test required]

  • 20% discount on a course of 4 arthritis injections- [price dependent on patient weight, UP.$44 and above]

  • 15% discount on acupuncture packages of 4 sessions- [UP.$180, now $153]

  • 20% discount on xrays[UP.$75 for 2views, now $60]

  • 15% discount on joint supplements and senior care supplements

  • Free 10min physiotherapy therapy (massage/red light laser/stretches/exercises) with single acupuncture session (may not be suitable for some, depends on temperament)


The following are possible problem areas that every owner needs to take note of in older patients:

  • Kidneys: Increased drinking and urination

  • Heart: Coughing, decreased stamina, panting heavily

  • Joints: Having trouble getting up, limping, slowing down

  • Teeth: Bad breath, excessive salivation, unable to eat properly

  • Liver: Decreased appetite, yellow tinge to skin and eyes

Not applicable for 2nd opinion consults. Terms and conditions apply, please check within.


This Senior month only comes once a year in October so book your pet’s consultation today!

MPV is hiring!

Monster Pet Vet is looking to hire a full-time veterinary assistant / nurse / technician. Interested applicants with experience will have an advantage. We are a humble 4-vet practice that has an in-house laboratory, digital radiography and ultrasound.

Applicants will be working on rotated shifts which includes weekends (we close on public holidays). We see a fair share of small pocket pets and some exotics in addition to dogs and cats.

Interested applicants, please send your resume to info@monsterpetvet.com and we will contact you for an interview. 

Sweetpea, our resident squirrel

Sweetpea, our resident squirrel

PHYSIOTHERAPY, ACUPUNCTURe, red light and emf THERAPY month- August

Ever notice how your furry friend is a little stiff on cold rainy days, or how he is taking a little longer to stand up after a nap? Our pets get arthritis, pins and needles and sore, tense muscles too.

Why should they have to endure the aches and tension when you can offer them more than just pills to ease the discomfort?

Potential problems that could benefit include arthritis, post-op orthopedic surgeries (fractures/dislocations/cruciate repair etc), head tilt and splay leg in bunnies.

Call us to inquire more about our physiotherapy, red light therapy, electromagnetic pulse therapy (emf), acupuncture sessions!

 NOTE: All new patients will require an initial consultation ($36-38) for assessment first. 

 Do give us call for an appointment and see the benefits for yourself!


Living in sunny Singapore can be great like any other tropical paradise. But to our furry friends, this heat and humidity often gets the better of them .

Left ignored, skin problems can cause our poor pets to scratch incessantly, flare up with volcanoes of pus-filled pimples and red angry boils, develop dandruff and that horrid yeasty stench! 

Some common symptoms for skin and ear issues may include:

  1. scratching/chewing excessively
  2. dandruff/flaky skin
  3. bumps/pimples/scabs
  4. fur loss/alopecia
  5. greasy skin and strong odor
  6. head shaking/scratching of ears
Infected ear with strictured ear canal and purulent aural discharge

Infected ear with strictured ear canal and purulent aural discharge

As with people, dermatology cases can be tedious and tricky and we should always rule our infectious (bacterial, fungal), parasitic (ticks, fleas, mites), systemic (hormonal, immune mediated) causes before we can narrow our diagnosis to allergies or behavioural problems. Like with any other disease, in order to get a proper diagnosis, one should not jump the gun!

In this month of July, we are offering all our patients a variety of tests which will help diagnose and control those pesky skin and ear issues at a special rate

  • fur pluck test (trichogram) - to check for fur mites
  • skin scrape test - to check for scabies/demodex mites
  • ear swab cytology- to check for ear infections
  • ear mite swab check - to check for ear mites
  • skin tape prep- to check for surface bacterial and fungal growth
  • culture and sensitivity test- to grow bacterial and fungal samples and check which antibiotics are suitable for the current infection
  • blood allergy test by Spectrum- to test against 90 different allergens, environmental and food
  • thyroid hormone blood test- to check for hypothyroidism
  • cortisol hormone blood test- to check for Cushing's
  • ultrasound of adrenal glands- to check for Cushing's
  • flea and tick prevention (Bravecto, Revolution, Frontline, Certifect, Advocate, Advantix)

Please note that not ALL of the above tests may be required for your pet. 

These July perks are applicable for all species (dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles).




The holidays are here again! 

Please note the following changes in our operating hours during this jolly season =)

18 Dec '16 Sunday- CLOSED (for company x'mas event)

24 Dec '16 Saturday- 9am- 3pm (half day, Christmas Eve)

25 Dec '16 Sunday- CLOSED (Christmas Day)

26 Dec '16 Monday- normal operating hours resume (8am-2pm, 3pm-9pm)

31 Dec '16 Saturday- CLOSED (New Year's Eve)

1 Jan '17 Sunday- CLOSED (New Year's Day)

2 Jan '17 Monday- normal operating hours resume (8am-2pm, 3pm-9pm)

Please note that as of 1 January 2017, we will only be open every alternate Sundays. 

1 Jan '17 Sunday- CLOSED (New Years Day)

8 and 22 Jan '17 Sunday- CLOSED 

27 Jan '17 Friday- 8am-2pm (half day for reunion dinner)

28- 30 Jan '17 Saturday- CLOSED (CNY)

31 Jan '17 Tuesday- normal operating hours resume (8am-2pm, 3pm-9pm)


Meowy X'mas and a Hoppy New Year everyone!




In the month of December, we would like to bring awareness to the importance of basic full abdominal ultrasound scans! 

An ultrasound scan of the full abdomen usually takes between 15-45min depending on individuals and the usual price is $250.

  • Please note that this does not include consultation fees for new patients, blood tests, surgery procedure itself, x-rays or any other tests that may be required. It is highly preferred that x-rays are taken prior to an ultrasound.
  •   All ultrasound patients will need to have the belly shaved in order to get good quality images. This will be done in the clinic as a complimentary service. Only the area of interest will be shaved. 
  • No ultrasound reports will be provided during the month of December but owners can get a copy of the labelled images via email. 
  • We apologize that due to time constraints, owners will not be allowed to watch the ultrasound performed during this month. We will try out best to send the images and videos of your pet's scan via email within 14 working days. 
  • We retain the right to refuse performing a scan on patients that are not stable during surgery/anaesthesia or patients who are considered high risk (heart problem, liver failure etc). The patients' well being and health remains the top priority.

What is the difference between x-rays and ultrasound?

Radiographs, or x-rays, are an essential first step in order to get the "big picture" of what is going on inside your pet's body. It can be used to diagnose an enlarged heart, assess liver size and margins, check for  tumours and growths within the body and evaluate dental disease and bone health. However, xrays are only able to provide a 2D picture of what is happening. 

Guinea pig with severe pneumonia (lungs would normally show up as black when they are filled with air). She was also suffering from gut stasis and gastric dilation (a lot of black gas seen in stomach). 

Guinea pig with severe pneumonia (lungs would normally show up as black when they are filled with air). She was also suffering from gut stasis and gastric dilation (a lot of black gas seen in stomach). 

Ultrasound imaging, on the other hand, allows us to obtain more in depth details. Organ texture and certain organs and glands that would not normally be seen on x-rays can also be assessed with ultrasonography.  These include blood flow supply to the kidneys to assess kidney health, lymph node size, adrenal glands for hormonal problems and bladder stones and sand. 

Gall bladder with a mucocele -> risk of rupture and cholestasis (blockage of bile duct)

Gall bladder with a mucocele -> risk of rupture and cholestasis (blockage of bile duct)

Call us to book that surgery (dental/sterilization/lump removal etc) and speak to a staff about our awareness month.

Dog and Cat Dental Month- september


Book your pet's dental in the month of September and get 30% off your dental service. 

We use top of the line veterinary IM3 dental machines and scalers to clean your pet's teeth and finish off with polishing paste (the same that we get at the dentist ourselves) for that nice shine.

The dental service includes all of the following: cracking off tartar, scaling and polishing.

1) dogs- UP. $160.50, now $112.35

2) cats- UP.$107, now $74.90

Please feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our friendly staff about our dental services.

Book your appointment today!

dog gettin teeth brushed.jpg

Does not include the following if required: pre-anaesthetic blood work, intravenous fluids, iv catheter placement, injectable drugs, extractions, take home medications, local nerve blocks, extractions, x-rays and other services. 

Sorry, bunnies and guinea pigs not included in this promotion!

Welcoming Dr Jaclyn Eng!

In the later part of May, the Song sisters will be away for their annual family trip for a couple of weeks. During this time, we will have pocket pet enthusiast Dr Cheryl Tan on duty to see your bunnies and guinea pigs, but will also have Dr Jaclyn Eng on board!

Dr Eng graduated from Edinburgh almost 10 years ago and was working in small animal practice in Singapore for a few years before she took time off to travel and work internationally. During this time, Dr Eng has worked in multiple sanctuaries and rescue organizations. Some of these animal sanctuaries included treating elephants in Cambodia and orangutans in Indonesia. 

We have the honorable privilege of having Dr Eng with us for 2 weeks during this time. So call us at 63279148 and book your appointment today!


Bunnies are becoming increasingly popular pets. Contrary to what many people believe, rabbits require just as much, and possibly even more, attention and care than dogs and cats. Being prey animals, rabbits tend to hide their illnesses very well and it can be difficult to tell if they are unwell until it is too late.

Just like how dogs and cats should have an annual health check and blood test once they have reached middle age, our small fluffy companions should not be forgotten too. We recommend annual blood work for bunnies above the age of 5 years old (or earlier if they have a medical history) and physical health checks for all bunnies above the age of 1 year old.  It is necessary to do a physical check to rule out early stage dental issues (mild spurring/elongation of teeth) and to ensure your bunny is getting the proper diet and care. 

Dr Mops (chashmere lop) Dr Pipsquek (guinea pig) and Dr Song

Dr Mops (chashmere lop) Dr Pipsquek (guinea pig) and Dr Song

So for the month of April, we would like to offer ALL our bunny friends:

  • 20% off general health checks (physical examination including teeth check) [UP.$38, promo price $30.40]

  • 30% off biochemistry blood test (blood test to check liver, kidneys, diabetes, protein/nutrition levels) [UP$68, promo price $46.55]

  • 20% off basic dental fee (basic filing/burring of elongated cheek teeth only) [UP$107, promo price $85.60]

  •  20% off urinanalysis (dipstick, USG and microscope test to check for crystals) [UP$56.06, promo price $44.84]

  • 30% off xrays [2view xray UP$75, promo price $52.50]

  • 30% off basic abdominal ultrasound scan [UP$85.60, promo price $59.92]

  • FREE fur mite/ear mite/flea check

This promotion is applicable for new and existing clients and is not limited to just 1 bunny per client. So don't wait any longer and book your appointment for your whole herd today!



T&C: Strictly for the month of April only. Additional drugs, tests, services not included in this promotion. Ultrasound scan results may vary due to anatomy of rabbits. Management reserves the right to change the above terms at any time.

Bon Voyage Dr Lin Wanlin & a Warm Welcome to Dr Cheryl Tan and Dorothy Yap!

一路顺风 to Dr Lin Wanlin who will be heading to the land down under in February!

Dr Lin will be moving to Perth where she will be pursuing a career in mixed animal practice (seeing the usual smallies like dogs and cats, but also with the big guys likes cows and sheep!). Monster Pet Vet will miss her dearly and wish her all the best in all her endevours!



We are also very pleased to introduce 2 new members to the Monster Pet Vet family starting in February!

welcome to the family sign2.jpg

Dr Cheryl Tan will be our third vet and has been in small animal practice in Singapore and shares our enthusiasm for dogs, cats and also pocket pets like guinea pigs and rabbits. 

Dorothy Yap is an experienced vet nurse who has just graduated from Massey University in New Zealand. She has a passion for both small companion animals, as well as birds!

Look out for more details on their profile under "Our People".


                           Monster Pet Vet would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!           Image:CannonLinux

                           Monster Pet Vet would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!          


Please note the following changes in our operating hours during the festive season:

24 Dec '15 Thursday         8am-2pm

25 Dec '15 Friday               CLOSED (MEOWY X'MAS!) 


1 JAN '16 FRIDAY                CLOSED (HAPPY MEW YEAR!)


We are very pleased to inform you that Dr V-lynn and Dr I-lynn Song will both be heading to Novara, Italy in October to undergo further training in ultrasonography. The training will be done under the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS). 

The pair will be away from the 15/10 (Thursday) to the 4/11 (Wednesday)

But rest assured! We still have Dr Lin Wanlin and will be engaging Dr Cheryl Tan during this period. Both Dr Lin and Dr Tan are both experienced in seeing and treating dogs, cats, bunnies and guinea pigs too.  

Please feel free to call us should you have any further inquiries =)