We have been informed by HSA that 8 different brands of ranitidine has been recalled. This includes the Zantac syrup and tablets by GlaxoSmithKline that we normally dispense.

The reason for the recall is that there have been reports in the USA that there are nitrosamine impurities which could increase risk of cancer when used for long periods of time.

If you currently have zantac, please stop using the product and keep it aside in a secure place first. Once we get further notice from HSA, we will post another notice as to whether the product can be discarded by normal garbage disposal or does it need to be discarded by special means.

We are also doing our best to contact each client that we have dispensed the medication to since June 2019. We appreciate your kind understanding and patience.

Please read the link below for further information.


Old age can be hard on our senior pets too! This is why we would like to offer our VIP treatment during this month of October. 

For Senior dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs!

The following are possible problem areas that every owner needs to take note of in older patients:

  • Kidneys: Increased drinking and urination

  • Heart: Coughing, decreased stamina, panting heavily

  • Joints: Having trouble getting up, limping, slowing down

  • Teeth: Bad breath, excessive salivation, unable to eat properly

  • Liver: Decreased appetite, yellow tinge to skin and eyes

To raise awareness about how our furry friends need more attention and care as they reach their golden years, we are gladly offering the following to our geriatric friends:

Dogs and cats over 7years of age-

  • 15% discount on physical examination

  • 15% discount on all blood tests

  • 20% discount on a course of 4 arthritis injections

  • 15% discount off acupuncture packages of 4 sessions

  • 15% off x-rays

  • 15% discount on joint supplements 

happy old dog.jpg


Rabbits/ guinea pigs over 5years of age-

  • 15% discount on full physical examination, includes teeth check

  • 15% discount on biochemistry blood test to check internal organ function (NOT for guinea pigs)

  • 20% discount on a course of 4 arthritis injections

  • 15% discount on acupuncture packages of 4 sessions

  • 15% discount on xrays

  • 15% discount on joint supplements and senior care supplements


 This Senior month only comes once a year in October so book your pet’s consultation today!

Dog and Cat Dental Month- september


Book your pet's dental in the month of September and get 30% off your dental service. 

We use top of the line veterinary IM3 dental machines and scalers to clean your pet's teeth and finish off with polishing paste (the same that we get at the dentist ourselves) for that nice shine.

The dental service includes all of the following: cracking off tartar, scaling and polishing.

1) dogs- UP. $160.50, now $112.35

2) cats- UP.$107, now $74.90

Please feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our friendly staff about our dental services.

Book your appointment today!

dog gettin teeth brushed.jpg

Does not include the following if required: pre-anaesthetic blood work, intravenous fluids, iv catheter placement, injectable drugs, extractions, take home medications, local nerve blocks, extractions, x-rays and other services. 

Sorry, bunnies and guinea pigs not included in this promotion!


Hi everyone! We will be updating our opening hours from 1 August 2019 so please do take note of it before heading down. Also, just a gentle reminder that we do go by an appointment basis but walk ins will still be attended to but there might be some waiting time (and also an additional fee).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8am-7.30pm

Thursday: 8am- 3.30pm

Saturday: 9am- 7pm

Alternate Sunday: 9am-3pm

“Better hop to it!”

“Better hop to it!”

We are also very pleased to have Dr Nicole Su visiting us on 16 August! So call us quick to book you appointment with us and secure a spot with this pocket pet expert.

A little bit about Dr Nicole:

Singaporean-born but currently Melbourne-based, Dr Nicole Su (BSc. BVMS) graduated from Murdoch University 2014 and immediately began working for the premiere exotics practice in Western Australia. By 2016 she had became the youngest ever exotics lecturer at Murdoch University and by 2017 had risen to practice manager. 2019 has seen her move to Melbourne to begin working with The Rabbit Doctors, offering cutting-edge medical care to rabbits in need. She is particularly passionate about soft tissue surgery and managing renal disease in rabbits.


Over the last few years, we have tried to hold off any price increments and keep our services as cost friendly as possible. However, in order to keep up with soaring supplier fees, rental fee increments and overall inflation, we have come to a point where will have to increase the fees for some of our services.

apologetic looking dog.jpg

We will do our best to keep costs as manageable as possible because after all, we are all in this in the best interest for your pets and because we love these little monsters. Despite our love for animals, we too have our own responsibilities and bills.

So from 1 August 2019, there will be an increase in the senior vets’ fees:

  • $10 additional fee for Dr Ailin Tan’s consultations [eg. rabbit consult $48, instead of $38]

  • $15 additional fee for Dr Song V-lynn and Dr Song I-lynn’s consultations [eg. rabbit consult $53, instead of $38]

We greatly appreciate your kind support all these years and strive to continue to give you the quality care you and your furry friend needs!


Living in sunny Singapore can be great like any other tropical paradise. But to our furry friends, this heat and humidity often gets the better of them .

Left ignored, skin problems can cause our poor pets to scratch incessantly, flare up with volcanoes of pus-filled pimples and red angry boils, develop dandruff and that horrid yeasty stench! 

Some common symptoms for skin and ear issues may include:

  1. scratching/chewing excessively

  2. dandruff/flaky skin

  3. bumps/pimples/scabs

  4. fur loss/alopecia

  5. greasy skin and strong odor

  6. head shaking/scratching of ears

Infected ear with strictured ear canal and purulent aural discharge

Infected ear with strictured ear canal and purulent aural discharge

As with people, dermatology cases can be tedious and tricky and we should always rule our infectious (bacterial, fungal), parasitic (ticks, fleas, mites), systemic (hormonal, immune mediated) causes before we can narrow our diagnosis to allergies or behavioural problems. Like with any other disease, in order to get a proper diagnosis, one should not jump the gun!

In this month of July, we are offering all our patients a variety of tests which will help diagnose and control those pesky skin and ear issues at a special rate

  • fur pluck test (trichogram) - to check for fur mites

  • skin scrape test - to check for scabies/demodex mites

  • ear swab cytology- to check for ear infections

  • ear mite swab check - to check for ear mites

  • skin tape prep- to check for surface bacterial and fungal growth

  • culture and sensitivity test- to grow bacterial and fungal samples and check which antibiotics are suitable for the current infection

  • blood allergy test by Spectrum- to test against 90 different allergens, environmental and food

  • thyroid hormone blood test- to check for hypothyroidism

  • cortisol hormone blood test- to check for Cushing's

  • ultrasound of adrenal glands- to check for Cushing's

  • flea and tick prevention (Bravecto, Revolution, Frontline, Certifect, Advocate, Advantix)

Please note that not ALL of the above tests may be required for your pet. 

These July perks are applicable for all species (dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles).




Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in Singapore and many other parts of the world. It is caused by 30cm-long worms (heartworms) that live in the heart, lungs and sometimes blood vessels of affected pets, causing severe lung disease, heart failure and damage to other organs in the body. 

100s of heartworm from a dog’s infected heart =(

100s of heartworm from a dog’s infected heart =(

Dogs are a natural host for heartworms, which means that heartworms that live inside the dog grow into adults, mate and produce offspring. If untreated, their numbers can increase, and dogs have been known to harbor several hundred worms in their bodies!

It is spread by mosquitoes and a single bite from an infected mosquito carrying the microfilaria (baby heartworm) could infect your dog.

Check out to learn more about heartworm.

Check out to learn more about heartworm.

Cats could also potentially get heartworm but unlike dogs, usually only have low numbers of the parasite. Below are some clinical signs that may indicate the presence of heartworm.

Symptoms that would warrant a heartworm check if your pet is not already on HW prevention.

Symptoms that would warrant a heartworm check if your pet is not already on HW prevention.

If a dog becomes infected, the resulting heartworm disease can cause life-long damage. Treating heartworm infection and killing the adult worms that infect the dogs heart, lungs and arteries is EXPENSIVE and can potentially even be fatal due to the organ damage already caused by the parasites. The treatment period takes a minimum of 270days to completely clear your dog of heartworm and would require multiple vet visits. During the treatment period, pets must be kept quiet and given oral medications daily also.

hw heart.jpg


In the month of June, we would like to encourage anyone who is not already using heartworm prevention, to get your pet checked. We will be offering special rates on:

1) heartworm blood tests

2) xrays of chest to check heart size

3) monthly heartworm preventions (eg. Heartgard, Nexgard Spectra, Triheart, Revolution)

Call us to make an appointment to get your pet tested for heartworm and discuss about the most cost effective and convenient prevention methods. Prevention is always the best option, as damage from heartworms can be permanent.  


Bunnies are becoming increasingly popular pets. Contrary to what many people believe, rabbits require just as much, and possibly even more, attention and care than dogs and cats. Being prey animals, rabbits tend to hide their illnesses very well and it can be difficult to tell if they are unwell until it is too late.

Just like how dogs and cats should have an annual health check and blood test once they have reached middle age, our small fluffy companions should not be forgotten too. We recommend annual blood work for bunnies above the age of 5 years old (or earlier if they have a medical history) and physical health checks for all bunnies above the age of 1 year old.  It is necessary to do a physical check to rule out early stage dental issues (mild spurring/elongation of teeth) and to ensure your bunny is getting the proper diet and care. 

Dr Mops (chashmere lop) Dr Pipsquek (guinea pig) and Dr Song

Dr Mops (chashmere lop) Dr Pipsquek (guinea pig) and Dr Song

So for the month of April, we would like to offer ALL our bunny friends:

  • general health checks (physical examination including teeth check) [UP.$38, bunny month $30.40]

  • biochemistry blood test (blood test to check liver, kidneys, diabetes, protein/nutrition levels) [UP$68, bunny month $46.55]

  • basic dental fee (basic filing/burring of elongated cheek teeth only) [UP$107,bunny month $85.60]

  • urinanalysis (dipstick, USG and microscope test to check for crystals) [UP$56.06, bunny month $44.84]

  • xrays [2view xray UP$75, bunny month $52.50]

  • basic abdominal ultrasound scan [UP$85.60, bunny month $59.92]

  • FREE fur mite/ear mite/flea check

This promotion is applicable for new and existing clients and is not limited to just 1 bunny per client. So don't wait any longer and book your appointment for your whole herd today!



T&C: Strictly for the month of April only. Additional drugs, tests, services not included in this promotion. Ultrasound scan results may vary due to anatomy of rabbits. Management reserves the right to change the above terms at any time.


The dreaded EC word that every bun owner hates to hear.

head tilt bun.jpg

Encephalitazoon cuniculi is spread by urine through infected individuals and can technically affect all mammals (Yes, humans included) as long as they are immunocompromised.

Another scary thing is, studies show up to 70% of all bunnies actually have or have been exposed to EC before.

Fortunately, majority of these buns remain dormant with only 30% or so displaying active infections.

Due to the high prevalence and zoonotic risk (ability to spread to humans and other animals), we do recommend that all bunny patients be tested for this.

In the past, it was not always possible due to the large amount of blood required, long waiting time (1month!) and cost.

With the latest technology, we are glad to offer EC testing from 1 March 2019!

All we need is 1 drop of blood from your bunny/ guinea pig/ mouse etc and 5-7days workings days!

The sample will be collected in a sterile manner into a special device which is sent via overnight shipping to a laboratory that deals with companion, pocket and exotic animals. The sample will be tested using ELISA, IFA  to give a positive or negative result. Upon request, titre testing can also be performed at extra cost.

Please call us for further information.

Pre-order your test kit with us now as there will be limited collection kits at a time.



Guinea pigs, or cavies, are sweet little pets to have. They are pretty hardy, generally easy going, and adorable! Because of their stoic exterior, many health issues are often diagnosed late and by then, the condition is usually already chronic.

Just with bunnies, guinea pigs require an annual health examination to get their eyes, skin, ears, teeth and abdomen checked. This is of greater importance in our sows (female guinea pigs) because of the high occurance of ovarian cysts and womb tumors that can develop in pigs as young as 1.5years old!

Bilateral ovarian cysts from a guinea pig.  PS. we now offer non-surgical options to manage ovarian cysts.

Bilateral ovarian cysts from a guinea pig. PS. we now offer non-surgical options to manage ovarian cysts.

So for the month of March, we would like to offer ALL our guinea pig friends (new and existing):

  • general health checks (physical examination including teeth check) [UP.$38, guinea pig month $30.40]

  • biochemistry blood test (blood test to check liver, kidneys, diabetes, protein/nutrition levels) [UP$68 for full biochemistry, guinea pig month price $46.55]

  • basic dental fee (basic filing/burring of elongated cheek teeth only) [UP$107, guinea pig month $85.60]

  •  urinanalysis (dipstick, USG and microscope test to check for crystals) [UP$56.06, guinea pig month $44.84]

  • xrays [2view xray UP$75, guinea pig month $52.50]- to check for kidney bladder stones

  • basic abdominal ultrasound scan [UP$85.60, guinea pig month $59.92]- to check for bladder stones/sludge, ovarian cysts

  • FREE fur mite/ear mite/flea check with every physical exam

Photo credit and model: Fuzzberta

Photo credit and model: Fuzzberta


This promotion is applicable for new and existing clients and is not limited to just 1 guinea pig per client. So book an appointment for your popcorn-ing potato today!

Handsome the rescued skinny pig!

Handsome the rescued skinny pig!



T&C: Strictly for the month of March only. Additional drugs, tests, services not included in this promotion. Ultrasound scan results may vary due to anatomy of guinea pigs. Blood collection may require sedation/gas down and carry separate charges. Management reserves the right to change the above terms at any time.

MPV is hiring!

Monster Pet Vet is looking to hire a experienced part-time/full-time veterinary assistant / nurse / technician and full time receptionists. Interested applicants with experience will have an advantage. We are a humble 3-vet practice that has an in-house laboratory, digital radiography and ultrasound.

Applicants will be working on rotated shifts which includes weekends (we close on public holidays). We see a fair share of small pocket pets and some exotics in addition to dogs and cats.

Interested applicants, please send your resume to and we will contact you for an interview. 

Sweetpea, our resident squirrel

Sweetpea, our resident squirrel


As a kind appreciation to our hardworking staff and to ensure everyone stays up to date with the latest skills, our staff will be going on course!

Dr Tan and 90% of our nursing team will be attending WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress) and FSAVA (Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Association) from 25-28 September.


While Dr Song V-lynn and I-lynn will be attending ExoticsCon by AEMV (Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians) and ARAV (Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians) from 19 September- 5 October. 

exotics con.jpg


We will be inviting some locum vets to cover us during this period but please do give us a call before dropping by as not all the part time vets are bunny/pocket pet savvy and some days were are closed!

19 Sept- 5 Oct: Dr Songs overseas

25- 28 Sept: NO VET

27-28 Sept: CLOSED



We would like to appeal to all dog owners who think they can help out a 5 month old puppy with tick fever. She may need a blood transfusion so we are looking for anyone who might be able to help by volunteering their pooch to be a blood donor.


1) dog 1-6years old 

2) if female and entire (not spayed), must not be on heat and most recent heat at least 2months ago, must not be pregnant

3) ideally >20kg

4) on heartworm prevention (eg. Interceptor, Heartgard, Revolution)

5) up to date with vaccinations, most recent vaccination at least 2months ago

6) if donated blood before, most recent donation >6months ago, ideally 12months ago

7) blood type DEA positive +

Donor will be mildly sedated for blood collection.

Donor will be mildly sedated for blood collection.


Process for blood donors (must be fasted for 6hours) :

- health check will be done and patient history will be taken (check through vaccination records etc)

- small blood sample will be collected to check blood type, quality of blood and cross match with Maru's blood

- if donor is a suitable match, we will have to SEDATE donor and shave neck area for blood collection 

- amount of blood collected will be calculated according to body weight

- sedation will be reversed once blood collection completed, and patient can go home 

- after care for donors: rest for 3days, no strenuous activity, can feed iron rich foods (pork liver, red meat, spinach) and no blood donation for another 6-12months

Please call us if you are keen to volunteer to help this owner and her pup out!


We would like to warn all our K9 owners that there has been an  outbreak of tick fever within the Everton, Cantonment and Spottiswoode Park area recently!

We have seen 3 cases of Babesia gibsoni in the last week alone from dogs all living around the same area.


Tick fever is a blood borne parasite that destroys your dog's red blood cells and can cause severe anaemia (low red cell count) and even death. It is spread by the bite of ticks and even just a single bite from 1 infected tick can infect your dog

different types of ticks at their different life stages

different types of ticks at their different life stages


  • weakness, lethargy, decrease in activity
  • decreased appetite
  • recent tick found on dog (can even be 1-2 months ago)
  • pale or white gums and tongue (normally pink)
  • +/- fever
  • +/- vomiting, diarrhoea
white gums and pale tongue in this dog

white gums and pale tongue in this dog


Tick fever parasites destroy the red blood cells and can cause fatally low levels. Severe anaemia can even lead to seizures, coma and death. Another big problem tick fever parasites pose, is that once a dog is infected with the parasite, even after treatment, about 25-30% of these dogs remain carriers for life! 


If tick fever is suspected, a CBC (complete blood count), biochemistry and blood smear is done. An xray is sometimes performed also to check for spleen size.

Babesia gibsoni seen in red cell on blood smear

Babesia gibsoni seen in red cell on blood smear


Depending on the type of tick fever parasite found (Babesia, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia), treatment plan will vary also. It usually includes oral and/or injectable anti-parasitic drugs, blood supplements (iron supplements) and sometimes even blood transfusions. 

If you are concerned that your pet dog may have been exposed to tick fever, please contact your vet for medical advise. 

Welcoming Dr Geoffrey Yeo!

In November, both Dr Songs will be away on their annual family trip. During this time, Dr Ailin Tan will still we have the privilege of having Dr Geoffrey Yeo with us on the 5th and 8th November.  Dr Yeo graduated from Murdoch (Perth, Australia) and is very experienced with cats and dogs. His skills range from performing blood transfusions, chest and pericardial (heart) taps, to soft tissue surgery like foreign body removals and GDVs.

Dr Yeo with "Snowball"

Dr Yeo with "Snowball"

PHYSIOTHERAPY, ACUPUNCTURe, red light and emf THERAPY month- August

Ever notice how your furry friend is a little stiff on cold rainy days, or how he is taking a little longer to stand up after a nap? Our pets get arthritis, pins and needles and sore, tense muscles too.

Why should they have to endure the aches and tension when you can offer them more than just pills to ease the discomfort?

Potential problems that could benefit include arthritis, post-op orthopedic surgeries (fractures/dislocations/cruciate repair etc), head tilt and splay leg in bunnies.

Call us to inquire more about our physiotherapy, red light therapy, electromagnetic pulse therapy (emf), acupuncture sessions!

 NOTE: All new patients will require an initial consultation ($36-38) for assessment first. 

 Do give us call for an appointment and see the benefits for yourself!