Petcare for Hamsters

Overgrown Incisors

A common problem seen in hamsters is overgrown teeth. Hamsters belong to the rodent family and have a special anatomical feature – ever-growing teeth. The rate of growth varies under different circumstances. If the incisors are trimmed, they grow faster (1.0mm/day). So if the hamster tends to gnaw on hard substances and wear the incisors quickly, they will grow faster to compensate. Individual incisors can grow at different rates depending on the length and that of the neighbouring tooth. If one incisor is shortened, it will grow back faster than the other. Not every hamster has perfect alignment so if the upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth, they cannot be worn down normally and become overgrown. Such patients need to have their teeth trimmed down regularly. Please do not attempt to do this by yourself with a nail clipper as there is a high risk of fracturing the tooth. Seen veterinary assistance to your hamster’s teeth trimmed with the right instruments. This will prevent traumatic injuries when the overgrown teeth cause ulcers around the face.