We would like to appeal to all dog owners who think they can help out a 5 month old puppy with tick fever. She may need a blood transfusion so we are looking for anyone who might be able to help by volunteering their pooch to be a blood donor.


1) dog 1-6years old 

2) if female and entire (not spayed), must not be on heat and most recent heat at least 2months ago, must not be pregnant

3) ideally >20kg

4) on heartworm prevention (eg. Interceptor, Heartgard, Revolution)

5) up to date with vaccinations, most recent vaccination at least 2months ago

6) if donated blood before, most recent donation >6months ago, ideally 12months ago

7) blood type DEA positive +

Donor will be mildly sedated for blood collection.

Donor will be mildly sedated for blood collection.


Process for blood donors (must be fasted for 6hours) :

- health check will be done and patient history will be taken (check through vaccination records etc)

- small blood sample will be collected to check blood type, quality of blood and cross match with Maru's blood

- if donor is a suitable match, we will have to SEDATE donor and shave neck area for blood collection 

- amount of blood collected will be calculated according to body weight

- sedation will be reversed once blood collection completed, and patient can go home 

- after care for donors: rest for 3days, no strenuous activity, can feed iron rich foods (pork liver, red meat, spinach) and no blood donation for another 6-12months

Please call us if you are keen to volunteer to help this owner and her pup out!