Over the last few years, we have tried to hold off any price increments and keep our services as cost friendly as possible. However, in order to keep up with soaring supplier fees, rental fee increments and overall inflation, we have come to a point where will have to increase the fees for some of our services.

apologetic looking dog.jpg

We will do our best to keep costs as manageable as possible because after all, we are all in this in the best interest for your pets and because we love these little monsters. Despite our love for animals, we too have our own responsibilities and bills.

So from 1 August 2019, there will be an increase in the senior vets’ fees:

  • $10 additional fee for Dr Ailin Tan’s consultations [eg. rabbit consult $48, instead of $38]

  • $15 additional fee for Dr Song V-lynn and Dr Song I-lynn’s consultations [eg. rabbit consult $53, instead of $38]

We greatly appreciate your kind support all these years and strive to continue to give you the quality care you and your furry friend needs!